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France Sauna.
A company based in the heart of Provence.France Sauna offers you a wide choice of cabins more aesthetic than the last.

France Sauna.
Your expectations are at the heart of our thinking. Our ready-to-use saunas, assembled in less than an hour, are a reflection of this.
Nestled in the heart of Provence since 2006, France Sauna accompanies you in your well-being projects at home.
To do this, our R&D team makes it a point of honour to offer you saunas made of sustainable woodwork from Canada, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
Our infrared saunas and their Quartz or Dual Healthy Quartz + Magnesium technology give you the freedom to customize your wellness area up to the choice of health benefits.
Wood species from sustainably managed forests.

Steam or infrared technologies:
The intense heat released by the steam pans generates an antitoxin, invigorating sweat.
In contrast, infrared offers gentle warmth and replicates the comfort of sunbathing, without the harmful effects of UV rays.

A wide range of colours will allow you to find the range that best suits your interior.
From the lightest to the darkest woods, from leather-embellished cabins to traditional red cedar cabins, let yourself be guided by your pleasure.

The Infrared sauna cabins are equipped with heating panels.
Panelled for your comfort, enjoy the pleasure and absolute relaxation.
The Traditional Steam Sauna Cabins will give you all the fun.

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