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Maderland wooden pergolas
The wooden pergola! Ideal for creating a space where it is good to rest in the summer, the wooden pergola exudes a naturally warm atmosphere and brings a real touch of authenticity to your exterior.
Maderland has made it its speciality and offers you models in various styles that will embellish your terrace with just a few strokes of the screwdriver.

Maderland has become the specialist in wooden pergolas. The Spanish brand has made this natural, warm and eco-friendly material its signature.
It selects its raw material from the forests of Northern Europe, a slow-growing region that guarantees optimal mechanical properties in all climatic conditions. This improves the natural behaviour of the wood.

Thanks to these naturally nuanced shades, Maderland wooden wall-mounted pergolas are suitable for all types of homes.
Contemporary constructions will be softened by the warm charm of wood.
While for old constructions, these shelters will prove to be a perfect continuity that will enhance their already very assertive style.

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