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Star Progetti.
Infrared electric radiant heaters and modular screens.
has been a leader since 1997 in the design and production ofHeaters infrared rays, Modular screens and Coolers.

Star Progetti. The many years of experience of STAR PROGETTI In the research and application of infrared technology, infrared heaters with excellent heat efficiency have been developed.

The Evaporative coolers are ideal for cooling spaces where it is not possible, or where you do not want to use traditional air conditioning systems due to losses and other costs.

Today STAR PROGETTI is an international group with products in more than 60 countries worldwide, which works according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
It stands out for the innovation and quality of its products.
STAR PROGETTI's many years of experience in the research and application of infrared technology have led to the development of infrared heaters with excellent efficiency.

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