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Cosyflam. The best of technology and design for maximum comfort, safety and quality. Heating and decoration with Cosyflam bioethanol. The organic fireplace is Cosyflam!

Cosyflam, creates a new standard in the field of fireplaces. Cosyflam is a brand of bio-ethanol fireplaces fashion and design. Innovative design, smart features and user-friendly technology, all built around technologies you can trust: programming choice, active safety, energy saving, optimized flame and unparalleled comfort.
Whatever the season, Cosyflam products offer you all the solutions to enjoy an ideal atmosphere and indoor climate, essential to the development and well-being of your family.
Cosyflam is a French brand specialized in the Design and Technology of burners and fireplaces for the Home, Buildings, Garden and Wellness areas. Research, Design and Manufacturing are carried out in France, and 100% of the production is manufactured in the heart of the France.

Cosyflam manufactures burners and fireplaces for decoration, heating and cooking, with great precision and avant-garde techniques. The "Premium Quality", state-of-the-art quality, is implemented at all levels, so that Cosyflam products work long and reliably. All our products are certified, registered models, and equipped with many high-tech technologies (including the patented AxiJet - Intelligent Fire System).
The Cosyflam Manufacturer is a world leader in High Quality products.

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