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Aquaness offers aquafitness equipment that you can use at home! whatever your level of sport.
Aquabiking is a fitness sport accessible to all.
The bikes of AquaNess Pool are intended for experienced athletes, individuals wishing to resume physical activity, overweight or rehabilitation.

Combining the benefits of an exercise bike with those of aqua aerobics, aquabiking (or aquacycling) is an excellent sport to keep you in shape, sculpt your legs and refine your figure.
Water biking is practiced in a pool on an ergonomic device, specially designed for this sport: AquaNess.

Gentle on the joints, Aquabiking Uses water resistance, combines the cardiovascular virtues of pedaling with those of constant water massage which promotes venous return and lymphatic drainage.
It effectively fights against the feeling of heavy legs, water retention and cellulite.
Fitness technique accessible to all, aquabiking on a AquaNess Suitable for experienced athletes as well as people who want to resume physical activity, overweight or convalescing people, pregnant women as well as seniors.

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