Mid-height pool enclosure Abrisol Tabarca Fixed veranda 17x550m

Mid-height pool enclosure Abrisol Tabarca Fixed veranda 17x550m View larger

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Mid-height pool enclosure Abrisol Tabarca Fixed Veranda 17x 550.
This Tabarca Abrisol mid-height enclosure allows you to fully protect your pool with a dimension of 17.28 x 5.50 m and a maximum height of 1.80 m.
Complies with the standard NF P 90-309.
Custom-made - Ready to install

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Mid-height pool enclosure Abrisol Tabarca Fixed Veranda 17x 550.
The Tabarca mid-height veranda style pool shelter is functional and bright thanks to its great height.
This Tabarca Abrisol mid-height enclosure allows you to fully protect your pool with a dimension of 17.28 x 5.50 m and a maximum height of 1.80 m.
Complies with the NF P 90-309 standard.
Custom-made - Ready to install.

This Tabarca Fixed Shelter
of the swimming pool in the shape of a beautiful dome and a powder-coated aluminium structure.
Comes with double door at the front and back, this pool veranda is a custom-made model.
Although it is a fixed shelter, its movable side panels allow for a wide variety of openings: opening on the sides with movable side panels.
The Tabarca Shelter is available in different colours and finishes.
The pool enclosure fixed Tabarca Shelter has all the advantages of a pool protection with a discreet aesthetic impact and an attractive price-performance ratio.
Easy and quick to set up and use on a daily basis.
The Tabarca fixed pool enclosure allows you to combine all the advantages of the outdoor pool.
The Tabarca fixed pool enclosure insulates your pool and maintains comfortable conditions to extend your swimming season. It reduces heat loss, so the water heats up faster and cools down more slowly.
The Tabarca fixed pool enclosure With modern and aerodynamic lines, it consists of independent modules with front and rear doors with multiple movable side panels allowing a wide variety of openings. Its lightweight yet highly resistant structure offers great ease of use.
The mid-height Tabarca is much more than a shelter, it is a magnificent aquatic area and a real aesthetic success.

This Tabarca fixed shelter is made of 10 mm honeycomb polycarbonate very resistant on the roof and 4 mm compact polycarbonate on the side sides.
The sliding doors are double-leaf and 4 mm compact polycarbonate at the front and rear.
Sliding doors can be installed on the sides of each module for easy access and optimal ventilation, optionally and on request.
Anti-UV treatment, which limits the development of algae and discoloration of the liner due to the sun.
Very bright and spacious, the Tabarca fixed pool enclosure can easily be opened with the double-leaf sliding doors and allows total freedom around the pool.
The Tabarca fixed pool enclosure guarantees total protection of your pool and the maintenance of a pleasant water temperature for swimming at any time and all year round.

Other sizes available on request.
This shelter is available in different lengths and widths.
This Tabarca model is also available in several widths. You choose your width from a minimum of 5.5 m and a maximum of 7 m.
The Tabarca fixed enclosure adapts to your pool from 8.64 to 17.28 meters in length.

The advantage of the Abrisol pool enclosure is that it is the effective and discreet solution for extending the bathing season all year round.
- Tabarca fixed shelter, veranda style,
- White or anthracite grey powder-coated aluminium profiles,
- 10 mm honeycomb translucent polycarbonate roof,
- Side: 4 mm compact polycarbonate,
- Compact 4mm front, double leaf sliding door,
- Bottom: Compact 4mm, double leaf sliding door,
- Ready-to-install custom-made package.

Safety for children and pets.
The Tabarca fixed shelter protects access to your pool and the opening is equipped with a key locking system that can only be opened by two movements.
Safety: For your peace of mind, avoiding accidents for your children and pets.
Covering the pool also allows you to ensure the safety of your children, enjoy the swimming season more and reduce its maintenance by protecting it from wind, rain and snow.
Compliant with current safety standards (NF P90-309), Tabarca is a product resulting from a long know-how in the manufacture of Abrisol pool enclosures.
The manufacturing processes have been designed with quality and constant improvement in mind to provide a shelter adapted to the user's requirements.

Water protection.
The Tabarca fixed enclosure protects the water of your pool from external dirt such as leaves, pollen, pollution and also limits the phenomenon of water evaporation and pH variations due to rainwater.
Cleaning: For your comfort, protects from dust, insects, dirt and dry leaves.
This allows for better maintenance of your pool while saving on the use of maintenance products while preserving the environment.

Hotter water for longer.
When your pool is equipped with a heat pump, it also saves on its use.
Abrisol allows you to enjoy your pool all year round.
Thanks to the greenhouse effect, you can naturally increase the temperature of the water (between 6°C and 12°C) and avoid evaporative losses.
Energy saving for purification and heating systems.
Swimming: Thanks to the greenhouse effect, the water temperature naturally rises.
Health & Wellness: All the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Translucent honeycomb polycarbonate
is made up of several small, very thin sheets that create a very solid structure, ideal for weathering.
The translucent honeycomb polycarbonate provides high resistance to shocks and light scattering. Translucent honeycomb polycarbonate is very light and is a very good thermal insulator.

A pool enclosure for discreet integration into the garden.
The lacquered White or Anthracite Grey colour protects the structure against corrosion and has a very high impact resistance. The lacquering offers excellent resistance to external climatic agents and UV rays for a quality of colour and gloss.
Shelter has all the lacquering colours of the RAL card.
Here are some of the most frequent requests (colors in attached photo):
RAL 9010 - RAL 1013 - RAL 7011 - RAL 7016 - RAL 6009 - RAL 7035 - RAL 3005 - RAL 8007 - RAL 8014 - RAL 9005.

Aluminium extruded at 500 °C. Extrusion is carried out in accordance with EN 755-9 and EN 1202 with ISO 9001 certification.
T5 and T6 heat treatment according to EN 755-2.
Abrisol has all the lacquered colours on the entire RAL board, as an option.
Abrisol shelters comply with the most demanding European standards in terms of structural strength and safety.

Characteristics and Dimensions of the Pool Enclosure Fixed Tabarca Pool Enclosure 17.28 x 5.50M.
Take advantage of the advantages of the pre-assembled model in order to save the costs of assembly: Competitive, easy and fast price.
- Composed of 8 modules of 210 cm in length,
- Length of the Shelter: 17.28 m,
- Central height of the shelter: 180 cm,
- External module width: 5.50 m,
- Fixed veranda-style shelter,
- Powder-coated aluminum,
- White or grey colour,
- Honeycomb polycarbonate (Lateral 4mm, Roof 10mm, Bottom 4mm, Façade 4mm),
- Sliding doors with double leaves,
- fixed floors with double door without tracks,
- Security system with key,
- 1.10m hatch with 0.95m passage,
- Shelter measuring a maximum of 1.80 m, no permit required (according to local regulations for shelters of less than 1.80m).

Warranty: 10 years on the aluminium structure,
Warranty: 10 years on polycarbonate sheets,
Warranty: 2 years on wear parts (gaskets, brushes, wheels, handles, locks, slides, various hardware).

All the advantages of a pool enclosure with a Minimal aesthetic impactl on the garden.
The most discreet solution in the entire collection.
All the advantages of a pool enclosure for total integration into the garden.

Technical Questions:
For further information or assistance during assembly, a support service is available from Monday to Friday.
To ensure a simple and serene delivery, the home delivery service will contact you to arrange an appointment according to your availability.
On the day of delivery, the delivery person arrives with a truck to drop off the Shelter as close as possible to where it will be placed.
If your home is difficult to access, don't hesitate to check with our advisors to find the best delivery option.
The seller cannot be held responsible in the event of inaccessibility of the home.

Shipping rate
indicated is valid only for metropolitan France (excluding Corsica and islands), Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.
We also deliver on request to all other destinations in Europe (delivery rate on request depending on your geographical area).

- Models: Several choices of finishes and customizations are available upon request.
- Assembly and installation: Optionally and on request we can assemble and install your pool enclosure by the Abrisol approved assembly service

Mark: Abrisol Covers Solutions
Abrisol designs, manufactures and assembles almost all of its shelters without intermediaries.
The aluminium profiles and Abrisol technology are patented and reflect their experience of more than 25 years around the world in the field of swimming pool enclosures.
Abrisol has its own R&D department that works with state-of-the-art technology, regularly improving the shelters in order to maintain an unparalleled level of quality.
Engineers, technicians, fitters, sales and customer service personnel work hand in hand to make your dream come true.
Shelter has the most complete catalogue on the market. Aesthetics and functionality are essential features for us.
The wide variety of Abrisol models offers a modern and functional design to meet your needs.

Specialist in high-quality Design and Trademarks for individuals and professionals. We present the creations and trendy objects of the biggest brands and designers. Expert in the sale of equipment, furniture and contemporary objects for the home, garden, pool, heating and well-being.

Data sheet

Height1.80 m
Lenght17 m
Depth5.50 m

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